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The Academy's Dance studies are carefully structured so that whether you are an absolute beginner or have been studying dance for years, every student will learn something beneficial from the classes and most importantly have a lot of fun


Dance is so important to improve co-ordination, balance, posture, rhythm and fitness! Our dance classes here have an emphasis on fun, to get you moving and feeling good!


Our dance classes always start with an aerobic warm up, followed by some stretching and strengthening work. We then do a few exercises travelling across the floor from the corner designed to improve kicks, pirouettes, leaps and turns and finish off with a routine. 

We mainly focus on Jazz and Musical Theatre Dance in our Saturday classes, but try expose the students to all styles by bringing in different guest teachers and workshop leaders throughout the year!


The Academy Dance Company launched in September 2016 to give students the chance to train additionally in Dance.  

In our Dance Company classes we really focus on improving technique, increasing flexibility and challenging the students with more complicated Lyrical and Contemporary routines. 


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